Welcome to Clio’s Board Games!

My dear readers, friends of history, board games and history in board games,

welcome to the brand-new Clio’s Board Games blog! Some of you may never have heard of me, some of you may know from Twitter, and some of you may – god forbid! – have even met come across in this dreadfully unelegant hobby game called the real life.

Look no further than Clio’s Board Games if you want to know how the events, structures and symbols of history are represented in board games. In addition, you will find small essays on history, strategy tips for games, thoughts on game design and the occasional event-related (fairs, conventions) post.

In the spirit of Horace’s prodesse et delectare, I hope you will find this blog both insightful and enjoyable. Let Clio take your hand and guide you through the wonders of history and board games.

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