Excerpts from the reports of the French 3rd Army to the Assemblée Nationale (USEAAR, #6)

Written by Pierre Laval, major at the staff of the French 3rd Army

This post is part of an after-action report of Unconditional Surrender! (Salvatore Vasta, GMT Games) and therefore entirely fictitious.

Verdun, May 7, 1940

The army has left their defensive positions in the Maginot fortresses under the cover of night. Strict secrecy is the soldier’s first duty. No radio contact whatsoever. So far, we advance on Sedan unopposed.

Sedan, May 10, 1940

As the Germans concentrate on their own misguided thrust in the center and on parrying the British blow in Normandy, they have denuded their left of troops. We liberate the city of Sedan under the cheers of the local populace. Revenge for 1870! […] Sedan, however, can only be a start. The army is already on the march again.

1940-05-10 De Gaulle Sedan

Brigadier general Charles de Gaulle adresses the freshly liberated citizens of Sedan. (In real history, this picture was taken in Cherbourg on August 20, 1944. Photo from the National Archives of the United States, National Archives identifier 535758).


Brussels, May 18, 1940

France fights not for France alone, but for all free nations. The 3rd army has liberated Brussels and given the Belgians hope for their independence from Nazi tyranny. […] Once Belgian authority is firmly established again, the Belgians can muster troops and make their contribution in the fight for freedom.

Lille, May 25, 1940

We are back in France. Our daring strike has covered 200 miles in less than three weeks – testimony to how the creative mind of the Frenchman excels at mobile warfare. The order-and-obeisance thinking of the German cannot cope with the new times. With Lille liberated, we have an excellent base in the back of the German forces. Undoubtedly, they must wheel round now. We expect their blows with serene sang-froid. Vive la France, vive la République!

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