Clio’s Board Games Ranked #20 on the Top 100 Board Game Blogs by Feedspot!

My purpose in blogging is to indulge myself. I love board gaming, I’m deeply interested in history, and here I get to explore both of them in the most interesting ways. So when I started out, blogging was mostly a solitary experiment for me. And then other people came along, and with them a form of appreciation I’d never imagined.

No matter if you’ve commented on my blog, interacted with me on Twitter, or reached out in any other way – it’s amazing, and it keeps me going to know that every once in a while a post of mine got someone fascinated with a new historical topic or game.

Now, almost four years into the creation of this blog, I’ve gotten another form of appreciation: Feedspot has included it in their list of the Top 100 Board Game Blogs and ranked it a whopping #20!

Thanks to Feedspot for selecting Clio’s Board Games! And to everyone else, have a look at the list. There are some pretty great blogs on there, and I found out about at least one new blog that I follow now.


10 thoughts on “Clio’s Board Games Ranked #20 on the Top 100 Board Game Blogs by Feedspot!

  1. whovian223

    That is awesome! Congratulations, my friend!

    It’s well-deserved.

    I see you’re ahead of some other well-deserving ones too (Boardgame Chronicle and Players’ Aid)!

    Very cool recognition.

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    1. cliosboardgames Post author

      I have no idea how those rankings work exactly – I was surprised to be this far up (and ahead of great blogs which put out a lot more content and have a much larger audience, like the two you mentioned).
      In case you’re interested, submit your own blog there – it’s very simple (and free, as you don’t have to buy a Feedspot plan to be included in the ranking).

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