2022 Board Gaming Resolutions

After almost two months in 2022, many New Year’s resolutions will have gone out of the window already. Being a slowpoke, I’m just about to make mine! As this is a board game blog, I’m not writing about losing weight, quitting smoking, or whatever people in the real world are concerned about: Here are my board gaming resolutions for 2022!

Finish the two-player Unconditional Surrender! campaign

For well over two years, I’d played Unconditional Surrender! exclusively solo – well, sometimes, assisted solo, when the Twitter community made the strategic decisions and I implemented them.

Then I tried it out with a friend on tabletop, and while that was great fun, we knew that we’d barely be able to finish a full campaign within our lifespans given how rarely we meet these days. So, in late 2021, we started playing the excellent online implementation on boardgamearena.com. We’ve already progressed into early 1942 and I am confident we can finish the game this year – if only because my Axis is already faltering.

Play more mid-weight, mid-length games

My gaming falls roughly into two categories these days: Either it’s a weeknight game (and then appropriately short, and typically light) or a planned event (and then often long and heavy). That leaves out a lot of room in the middle: Games with a playtime of an hour to an afternoon/evening rarely hit the table. Which is a shame, because there are so many good ones which deserve more love!

Is drinking beer while Viticulture heresy? Discuss.

Play more games with three or four players

In a similar vein: Gaming usually happens in a two-player setup (because that’s easy to achieve) or in a group of many (because if you take all the effort to organize something, might as well make it a six-player Here I Stand game). Once more, the middle ground – games for three and four players, the traditional player count of many eurogames – is not covered. I’ll try to rectify that this year.

House Stark sizes up its Lannister, Targaryen, and Tyrell rivals in A Game of Thrones.

Complete a 5×5 challenge

For those not in the know: A 5×5 refers to the challenge of playing at least five different games at least five times each within a year. (5×5 is 10×10’s little sister, but I know my realistic limits.) Last year, I fell short (with the fifth game only played four times). While this kind of challenge requires some perseverance, I’m optimistic that I can fulfil it this year – particularly as I have completed the first set of five already (with the eminently riveting Watergate).

Definitely not a crook.

Attend a game fair or convention

Fairly self-explanatory. I used to go to fairs and conventions every once in a while, but haven’t been since SPIEL 2019 – both the pandemic and my moving to a more remote town contributed to that. (Last year, I have attended both the spring and the fall SDHistCon online, though.) This year might be the time to mingle with the crowds again!

That’s more people than I’ve seen in a single place for the last two years.

Magical Triangle… reloaded

I used to meet with two friends of mine for (mostly board game-centered) weekends which we modestly named after ourselves the “Magical Triangle”. F., one of the three corners of this triangle, died in early 2020. Now two corners don’t make a triangle, but the mathematically correct “Magical Segment of a Line” is just not as catchy. And whenever M. and I, the two remaining corners, meet, F. will be with us in our minds and hearts.

Do you have board gaming related resolutions? Less board game shopping? Playing all the shrink-wrapped games in your collection? Twenty-four hour board gaming marathons? Let me know in the comments!


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