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Süddeutsche Spielemesse 2018

Fall is the season for fairs and conventions. Summer’s heat has come and passed, and now people are flocking back to the warmth of inside events. Christmas comes ever closer, and so every publisher wants to bring their new games to the market – and every gamer wants to find out what is worth wishing for or giving to others. The Stuttgart Game Fair (Süddeutsche Spielemesse, Southern German Game Fair) is no exception.
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Giveaway: Twilight Squabble!

Friends of history, board games, and history in board games! Welcome to my first-ever giveaway. You have the chance to win Twilight Squabble (David J. Mortimer, Alderac). Twilight Squabble is a quick game (10min) of the global power struggle, the space race and the threat of nuclear devastation during the Cold War for two players.

Here’s how it works: Follow my blog (with your WordPress account or e-mail address) and share this post on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, or GooglePlus (see buttons below). This giveaway is worldwide!

SPIEL 2018: Most Anticipated

You say „board game fair“, I say “SPIEL” at Essen. It’s the Mecca for the tabletop gaming faithful. Four days of playing, trying, and buying. 160,000+ visitors. I’ve been there the last two years for two days each and found it an intensive board game experience. Unfortunately, time constraints (not to mention that going to such an event is exhausting, albeit in a good way) prevent me from going this year, but that can’t stop me from writing a short list of the history-themed board games that look most interesting to me. Maybe some of you who can attend find a new gem! And maybe I’ll get to try these games out some other time as well. The games are sorted by location at the fairgrounds. Continue reading

Süddeutsche Spielemesse 2017

The buzz from SPIEL Essen has calmed down a bit by now (read my take on it here), which makes us remember there are other game fairs and conventions, too (I’m very jealous of you people who got to go to San Diego HistCon two weeks ago. So many great games and designers!). I, for one, went to the Süddeutsche Spielemesse (Southern German Game Fair) which is like Essen’s smaller brother. A lot smaller, actually. Like instead of six halls, only half a hall of board gaming. This means there will also be not so many publishers showing off their new releases, but you’ll find plenty of game sellers, game clubs, and places where you can try out games. Continue reading

The Essen that was… 2017

The annual board game Mecca which is the Essen SPIEL has ended, and, like all attendants, I am a bit overcome by the sheer amount of games and gamers. I have only been there for two of the four days, but that was enough to try out a lot of games and enjoy the company of like-minded people… except, of course, when I was walking somewhere and had to make my way through thousands of tightly packed like-minded people. No, of course I’m kidding – the crowd at SPIEL is very friendly (and always up for a game). I am very thankful for this experience to the various people I encountered over one or the other game as well as to my two friends who went and shared most of the games with me at the fair.
Here are some of the titles I played and liked.
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Essen 2017: Most Anticipated

Ladies and gentlemen,
One word has turned from a quiet buzzing to a noisy storm over the past weeks in the board gaming word… and, as always this time of the year, it’s ESSEN! The world’s biggest board game fair, the SPIEL in Essen/Germany is upon us. On Oct 26, less than two weeks from now, the gates will open and the merriment commence. I will be among the lucky ones who can go and am appropriately excited for it! So, here’s my list of board games I look forward to most as well as some general thoughts about attending a game fair in an affordable way.
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