Privacy Policy

Dear reader,

Clio’s Board Games is committed to providing you with the best experience about history, board games, and history in board games. This does not only include quality content, but also treating your privacy in a responsible manner. This page sets out to describe your data privacy rights and the way Clio’s Board Games collects and uses personal information of yours.

Your Rights

You have the right to ask which information about you is stored at Clio’s Board Games.
You have the right to ask for any or all of the personal information stored about you to be deleted from Clio’s Board Games.
If you want to exercise these rights or have questions about your privacy regarding this website, do contact me via the Contact form.

Clio’s Board Games’ Use of your Data

Clio’s Board Games does not use your personal information for any purposes except those for which you provided it. Most importantly, this means not selling your personal information and not contacting you outside of the means you chose (so, for example, sending you e-mails about new posts if you subscribed, answering inquiries you sent via the contact form, etc.).
When you comment on a post, the following information is provided: your name, your email address (if provided), and site URL (if provided), submission date/time, and IP address.
If you publicly provide personal/biographical information about yourself in the comments, this information is also stored and is visible to other visitors.
When you use the Contact page to get in touch, your email address and name you write is provided.
When visiting Clio’s Board Games, the following information is provided: referring sites, which links you clicked and which country you come from. However, this information is never associated with an IP address or other personal information and serves only for statistical purposes. You can read more about it on the WordPress Privacy Notice for Visitors of Our Users’ Sites.
This blog makes use of cookies, which store small pieces of data from the user in order to remember your preferences. This data is collected when you browse this blog, and may be used to personalize the advertisement shown to you. To see more details, check out the WordPress cookie policy used on this blog.
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If you have any questions, do contact me via the Contact page.