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Farewell 2018 – Highlights on the Blog

All my experiences this year, be they new-to-me games, historical fiction, non-historical games, historical non-fiction, or historical games have influenced my writing here. So, not without pride, I present to you what I think were my best blog posts this year. As my creations are dear to my heart, I go beyond the usual top three format and give you six entries.

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Giveaway: Twilight Squabble!

Friends of history, board games, and history in board games! Welcome to my first-ever giveaway. You have the chance to win Twilight Squabble (David J. Mortimer, Alderac). Twilight Squabble is a quick game (10min) of the global power struggle, the space race and the threat of nuclear devastation during the Cold War for two players.

Here’s how it works: Follow my blog (with your WordPress account or e-mail address) and share this post on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, or GooglePlus (see buttons below). This giveaway is worldwide!

Update: Biweekly Posting Schedule

My dear readers,

normally you’d get a regular blog post on this Sunday. This is not such a post.

I’ve taken up some additional responsibilites at work while still finishing my M.A. thesis. Unsurprisingly, all of this takes time, and I haven’t figured out yet how to steal some hours from the past to which my studies are dedicated. So, sacrifices must be made.

Therefore, I’ll only post biweekly until further notice. Next Sunday, you’ll find a fresh new blog post ready to amuse and educate you. Thank you all for reading!

Yours sincerely,