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Most Anticipated Historical Board Game Releases in 2023

Happy new year, everybody! I hope it will bring you much joy. I also hope it will bring you board games (which is basically the same thing). The question is, however: Which games? – Here are a few 2023 releases which look most intriguing to me.

As always, don’t take this as a shopping list (neither for you nor for me). Over the course of 2022, I bought one single game. That was all. (More entered the collection as gifts, though.) Your taste in games and your discretion how many new games you want to chase decide what will end up in your shelf (and, hopefully, on your table)!

After that reminder, on to the games. As all of them are set in human history, they are ordered from most ancient to most recent.

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Highlights from SDHistCon – Fall 2021!

Sunny San Diego is a few thousand kilometers away from me. No way I could just go to a board game convention there… or could I? In 2021 I can! For pandemic reasons, San Diego Historical Games Convention (SDHistCon) has been held online the last few times, including this November 12-14. I’ve had a blast at the previous SDHistCon in May this year, so of course I signed up for this one as well. Once more, it was a great time – thanks to Harold Buchanan and all the many volunteers who made this event happen. Here are a few of my highlights.

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