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Farewell 2022 – Historical Non-Fiction!

For the first time in forever, I read more works of fiction than non-fiction this year. History books only made up 32% of my total reads. What’s happening to me? Am I becoming a normal, functional member of society, living fully in the present instead of hopelessly searching for meaning in the past? – No, I think it was just a fluke. At least some of the works of historical non-fiction were so enlightening that I want to share them with you as well.

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Farewell 2020 – Historical Non-Fiction

On to the next Farewell 2020 post – this time about historical non-fiction books I read this year! As per usual, there are three nominees, one of them to be crowned the winner. Let’s get straight at it!

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Farewell 2019 – Historical Non-Fiction

Welcome to my second post looking back on 2019! I always select three nominees for each categories and crown one winner. You can find the first post on new-to-me games here.

One of the nice side effects of writing this blog is that I read a lot of history books for my research – in addition to the history books I read just for pleasure. Yes, I’m a huge nerd. Anyway, here are the three best historical non-fiction books I read this year: Continue reading