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Most Anticipated Historical Board Game Releases in 2022

Happy new year, everybody! I hope it will bring you much joy. I also hope it will bring you board games (which is basically the same thing). The question is, however: Which games? – Here are a few 2022 releases which look most intriguing to me.

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SPIEL 2021: Most Anticipated Board Games

You say „board game fair“, I say “SPIEL” at Essen. It’s the Mecca for the tabletop gaming faithful. Four days of playing, trying, and buying. 160,000+ visitors. I’ve been there a few times over the last years for two days each and found it an intensive board game experience. Other plans prevent me from going this year, but that can’t stop me from writing a short list of the new releases that look most interesting to me. Maybe some of you who can attend find a new gem! And maybe I’ll get to try these games out some other time as well.

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