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Highlights from SDHistCon – Fall 2021!

Sunny San Diego is a few thousand kilometers away from me. No way I could just go to a board game convention there… or could I? In 2021 I can! For pandemic reasons, San Diego Historical Games Convention (SDHistCon) has been held online the last few times, including this November 12-14. I’ve had a blast at the previous SDHistCon in May this year, so of course I signed up for this one as well. Once more, it was a great time – thanks to Harold Buchanan and all the many volunteers who made this event happen. Here are a few of my highlights.

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SDHistCon 2021: Spring Deployment!

I’ve always (well, at least since 2018) dreamed of going to the San Diego Historical Games Convention (SDHistCon). Now as it happens, San Diego is about 10,000 kilometers away from where I live, so just casually stepping by was never an option. As current events dictate it, the con was transformed into an online one last November – and that opened up opportunities for me. I missed the first online SDHistCon in November, though – I’d found out it was happening, and just hours later when I wanted to buy my ticket, they were all sold out already. So, I was ever more excited when I got the badge for the May 21-23 one!

Many thanks to Harold Buchanan and his team of enthusiastic volunteers for making this happen! It was great to chat with fellow gamers, some of whom I’d known from Twitter, see designers showcase their old and new designs, and play a game. As there is a substantial time difference between where I live and San Diego, I missed a few cool things that happened too late for an early-to-bed person like me, but there were so many amazing things I could do! …like the following:

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