Leaflet by the Italian Propaganda Department (USEAAR, #8)


These leaflets were dropped over Bavaria by planes of the Italian air force. The Regia Aeronautica dropped similar leaflets over other regions in the German south, mostly over towns and villages predominantly inhabited by Catholics.

This post is part of an after-action report of Unconditional Surrender! (Salvatore Vasta, GMT Games) and therefore entirely fictitious.  

July 21, 1940

The Hitler regime in Berlin has abandoned you. The criminals are so bent on their conquest of France that they have forsaken the German south. Their disinterest in you, however, does not extend to your sons – those are still fighting and bleeding and dying from Normandy to Champagne. And for what? – Nothing but the mad aspirations of a delusional tyrant. He must have Paris, and if it is a heap of rubble – as the great cathedral of Our Lady in Paris already is, destroyed by Prussian artillery.
Bavarians! The Hitler regime has abandoned you. It is time for you to abandon them!

1940-07-21 Leaflet Typeset

The original leaflet (in German).

See the current state of affairs in the game in the Twitter thread:

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