Mr Chamberlain, end this war! (USEAAR, #2)

This post is part of an after-action report of Unconditional Surrender! (Salvatore Vasta, GMT Games) and therefore entirely fictitious.

Daily Mail, London

October 12, 1939


Our country has been at war for six weeks now. It has been six weels of unmitigated disaster: Belgium is defeated, France has lost her capital Paris. The French army has proven utterly inept – outmaneuvered, surrounded, destroyed at every turn. So of course when it comes to the heavy lifting, it’s been our boys who had to do it – our fighters rule the sky over France, and we even led the counter-attack that aimed to retake Paris. But how is one to succeed with such hapless allies?
And what is all that fighting for? – Continental struggles. If Alsace-Lorraine belongs to France or to Germany, what difference does it make to any Englishman? It makes all the difference, however, for an English mother to bury her son.
To think that even a few months ago the Prime Minister was still in the business of ensuring peace for our time! Mr Chamberlain was right to seek understanding with Germany and all nations. He was wrong to let our country get dragged into this abyss of war.
France is a lost case. Britain is not! We still can return to our blessed state of peace, leave the French to their own designs, and broker an agreement between Hitler and Daladier. Mr Chamberlain, end this war!
By our editor Harold Harmsworth

1939-10 US Archives

He WEEPS for the FALL OF PARIS. We weep because the soldiers of France are the WORST! Image A Frenchman weeps as German soldiers march into the French capital, Paris, on June 14, 1940, after the Allied armies had been driven back across France, from the National Archives of the United States, National Archives Identifier: 535892.

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